Gap Analysis

While the Auxiliary’s primary focus remains squarely on RBS, Auxiliary leadership is conducting a gap analysis that will determine capacity to provide specialized skills, qualified boat and air crews, and capable operational facilities to fulfill the operational commander’s needs. This gap analysis is an ongoing process in identifying Auxiliary resources to supplement and support unit Watch, Quarter and Station Bills, unit collateral duty lists, and overall unit “resource lockers.”

The Coast Guard the announced the first Gap Analysis in 2016 as part of ALCOAST 193/16. The updated Gap Analysis from 2019 is driven by the current 2018-2024 U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Strategic Plan.

In 2019, Active Duty Auxiliary Liaison Officers in partnership with Auxiliary Sector Coordinators developed the initial input for the Gap Analysis for Sector Hampton Roads, Sector North Carolina and Sector Maryland – National Capital Region. That input was provided to the D5SR EXCOM and to National Q Directorate.

In 2020, a re-validation effort is underway to ensure that the assessment accurately presents current needs and will be used to drive Auxiliary staffing requests from the Sectors.

All Auxiliarists interested in one of these positions should coordinate with their  Chain of Leadership and Management in conjunction with their local Auxiliary Sector Coordinator. Do not reach out directly to the Active Duty until authorized by your COLM. Do not self deploy.