Emergency Operations Centers

Many of the major disasters occurring along the coast involve tropical cyclones such as hurricanes. During these incidents, the Coast Guard is relied upon for search and rescue (SAR); logistics support; air support; and many other essential functions. An opportunity has become available for Auxiliary members to become part of the Coast Guard team that enables these urgent functions.

US Coast Guard Agency Representative (CGAREP) is an official designation for qualified personnel to represent the Coast Guard during emergency operations in an Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Locally, this designation had been reserved for active duty or reserve members who qualified. Auxiliarists are now able to be certified in D5SR.

Coast Guard Agency Representatives work inside a local, regional, or state EOC and serve as the communications conduit between State and Federal authorities and the Coast Guard. Typically, the CGAREP would be in contact with SAR teams at stations within his/her Area of Responsibility (AOR); 911 centers or other local authorities; and liaisons at the state EOC. Qualifying those communications and rapidly passing them along to the appropriate entities can be literally a matter of life and death.

CGAREPS must be able to function in a high stress, high activity, “get it done now” atmosphere. A typical work shift during an incident is 12 hours. The CGAREP is expected to have detailed and current knowledge of Coast Guard resources, capabilities, and operations. As an Auxiliarist, there is no pay except the knowledge that you have done a necessary job and helped the Coast Guard fulfill its missions.

Becoming a qualified CGAREP generally takes several months and is dependent on the ability to take part in exercises or real-world deployments. A necessary part of the qualification is actually functioning under the supervision of an existing CGAREP or Liaison Officer in either exercise or real-world emergency. The qualification includes successful completion of numerous FEMA online courses, completion of personnel qualification tasks with verification by a qualified CGAREP, followed by an oral board conducted by three qualified Coast Guard members. The Sector Commander approves the qualification and issues a letter of designation based on recommendations from the board. The qualification is valid for seven years.

Auxiliary members who may be interested in becoming a Coast Guard Agency Representative should contact Harry McClard, D5SR ADSO-EM for Emergency Operations Centers. Any current active members of the Auxiliary who may be interested are invited to apply.
A copy of the current PQS is available on the ICS Training Page.