FEMA Daily Operations Briefing for September 14, 2020

National Current Operations and Monitoring
Significant Incidents or Threats:
Western Wildfires
Critical fire weather – Northern Intermountain to Northern Plains and Central Great Basin
Tropical Activity:
Tropical Cyclone Sally
Tropical Cyclone Paulette
Tropical Cyclone Rene
Tropical Cyclone Teddy
Tropical Cyclone Twenty-One
Disturbance 1: Low (10%)
Disturbance 2: Medium (40%)
Eastern Pacific:
Tropical Cyclone Karina
Central Pacific:
Disturbance 1: Low (20%)
Western Pacific: No activity affecting U.S. interests
Declaration Activity:
Amendment No. 4 to FEMA-4558-DR-CA
Emergency Declaration Request – Louisiana
Emergency Declaration Request – Mississippi
2 FMAGs approved – Bobcat Fire and SQF Complex, CA